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Sailing Charter

Enjoy all the beautiful scenery Florida’s Gulf Coast has to offer! 


No Worries Sailing Adventures offers a unique sailing experience like no other. The multi-hull trimaran sailboat provides more stability on the water, allowing it to smoothly glide over the waves for the

most enjoyable cruising. Whether you choose to hang out in one of six nets (like floating above the water in a hammock), or recline in one of our adjustable cushioned lounge chairs, you'll find fun

and relaxation as Captain Jim navigates the Intracoastal Waterways of Tampa Bay or the beautiful

Gulf Beaches.


 Freebird  can accommodate up to six passengers. We offer 3 hour cruises several times a day, including

a one of a kind sunset cruise. On all cruises we provide complimentary soda, sports drinks or water. You may  want to bring sunscreen, a hat, towel, snacks, adult beverages and whatever else will make your cruise more enjoyable.

Freebird  offers a perfect getaway for seasoned sailors and first time cruisers alike. Book your adventure today!

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